About Ashley

Theatre allows us to converse with our souls – to passionately pursue and discover ways of living with ourselves and others. We have no better way to work together, to learn about each other, to heal, and to grow. – Michael Rohd

Ashley Lauren Hamilton is a PhD Student in Applied and Educational Theatre at New York University. Ashley received her BFA in Acting from the University of Colorado at Boulder in 2010 and her Master’s Degree in Educational Theatre, Theatre for Communities from New York University in 2013.

Ashley’s work is vast, ranging from working as an actress off-Broadway in New York City to creating theatre in New York City maximum security prisons to creating and performing her own one-woman interview-based plays.

Ashley currently lives in New York City and works as an adjunct professor in Speech and Theatre for City University of New York (CUNY) and New York University (NYU). Ashley also works as a teaching artist – creating theatre and dialogue – in the NYC public and private school systems, with children on the autism spectrum, in juvenile jails and in maximum security prison. Ashley is currently working as a teaching artist with Global Empowerment Theatre (GET), Rehabilitation Through the Arts (RTA), Learning through an Expanded Arts Program (LEAP), Young Player’s Theatre and Story Pirates. For more information on Ashley’s current and past projects and work, see the work sections above.

Ashley’s PhD research focuses on the complexities of teaching theatre in prisons and how this form of theatre can be used as a resource for authentic dialogue, affectual experience, and lasting rehabilitation.¬†Ashley also works as the program assistant for the Educational Theatre program at NYU.